Just finished up your book. One of the best books I've ever read. Touching, heartfelt, full of love. Incredible tribute to your awesome kid. I appreciate you sharing your journey. (Direct e-mail from Won Yi) 7/26/12k's picture as it sat on the table in a restaurant, like Mara's family. John needs to read your book. Like you and Quinton, John and Jack were always together. He lost - I can't even put into words what he lost. But I want to help him realize Jack is not really gone.

Thank you so much for writing the book! I am just sorry it took me almost 4 months to download it. Kristine and Cheyanne were so wonderful at Jack's celebration. I kept the cards they gave us and kept thinking that I need to read that. Something (I think Jack), just slammed me on Saturday night like "do it now". Thank God for Kindle and Jack continuing to take care of us. I really feel he just kept putting the signs there, pushing and reminding me.

Sandy (direct e-mail from Sandy Berg on August 8, 2012)