Quinton's Legacy – The Journey Continues

quintons-legacyOur son, Quinton, died and something amazing happened. The world was transformed as a dimension unknown came into view and knocked me off my feet. And such was the genesis of Quinton's Messages. The awe and wonder of realizing Quinton truly hadn't died is captured within those pages and it is wondrous for those ready to take the leap.

Now, more than six years have passed and they journey has changed. How can it not? Yes, there is still sadness – the burden remains as I am unable to be part of Quinton growing into manhood. Yes, that stings, but he sent us a grandson named Salvador Quinton; my son-in-law's family calls him Quinton! We have a second grandson named Santino Edgar; Edgar for my father-in-law who transitioned in 2003. And because of our son's visits, Kristine and I know in no uncertain terms, our lives are eternal too.
This is the place from which Quinton's Legacy was born. Our second book was published on Quinton's six year angleversary date. In knowing life is eternal and having seen firsthand we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we share more amazing personal experiences. We fill in some gaps in time, discuss our journey with forgiveness, seeing those close to us in their true spirit form and learning who my guardian angel is.

In understanding we are energy, because our son demonstrated that so forcefully, we not only celebrate these experiences, but we share them so as you progress on your journey, you may see how it applies to you – in some way. And just so you don't think we are crazy because of what we have experienced and have the audacity to share, we share the experiences of others. This is the second and largest segment of Quinton's Legacy. It is truly amazing just how many have experienced a crossed over loved one sending them a sign. Some are subtle, soft and unrecognizable to the busy or skeptical mind while other signs are so over the top that they immediately pierce the consciousness of the one experiencing it, filling them with awe, reverence and amazement.

The last segment of Quinton's Legacy shares a snapshot of who we are today. Today, six years and three months after Quinton transitioned and immediately began visiting; we do have a completely different perspective of life and what a lifetime represents. As far as I am concerned, how can we not? Kristine has a chapter discussing the hard work of saving a marriage after losing a child and our daughter shares how far she fell while we celebrate how far she has come since that fateful day. I share what I have come to believe about my purpose here as I face my lifelong struggles.

After all, life is eternal; our lives are eternal which means each of us have an individual purpose. Quinton's Legacy is an open invitation to look at your life, the transition of your child, through a different set of eyes – a set of eyes - years after our son transitioned to the other side and made his presence known. And if it is none of that, it still is a place I can go, within its pages for me to remember the divinity of the journey.


Ernie and Kristine