Ernie Jackson

Ernie Jackson

Wednesday, 06 July 2016 07:12

A Lighthouse in a Sea of Uncertainty

As the eternal beings that we are, what an amazing time to be here, living in these tumultuous times. Living in this dichotomy, we get to make a choice. The choice is in thought and in deed.

Do we choose love, light and making a positive difference; or do we choose hate, fear and doing harm? It seems almost overly simplistic, but in our quiet moments, this truth is obvious. And the choice has nothing to do with our socioeconomic standing, our color, our politics, our religion or our disability; absolutely nothing.

In this time and place, where the camps of hope and love are even more polarized against those of distrust and fear – does it make the choice more or less obvious? The answer is self-evident, even more so when you understand and embrace that you are an eternal being.

My choice is obvious. I encourage you to be a beacon of light, a beacon of love – reach out with an act of kindness today and every day.




Quinton's Dad

Sunday, 20 December 2015 14:43

Life is Eternal

We have been told life is eternal, those of us who grew up in the church. I didn’t, so what a shock it was to me when Quinton illustrated to me just how eternal life is. In my effort to understand I read, learning what Quinton shows me is the norm; as I shared, many have shared with me that their loved ones have demonstrated eternal life.

So, life is eternal – we exist beyond the bags of flesh and bone where our essence currently resides. The real question now is; does this change what we think of our lives, the lives of others and most importantly – the madness we see going on in the world around us, yet again? Oh yes, yet again; read your history of humankind on this planet and understand this is what we do. We are victimizers and victims.  

Will we ever stop the madness, the injustice to individuals and peoples? Probably not, but we have a responsibility to ourselves as individuals to somehow ascend hate, fear, loathing, and for some – subsequent violence and abuse of others, whether it to merely psychological abuse, physical abuse or flat out killing. And it is said, once you can stop the actual abuse, the next step in the ascension is to stop imagining yourself doing it, and then ascend above wanting to do it.

This is the environment we live in. An environment that creates fear; an environment that encourages violence and it is awful. And in this environment, we, somehow, someway get to choose. Which path do we take? And maybe this is the point of it all; based on some of what I have read – it is. Some of us continue to ascend, now – I mean, why wait, while others get absorbed by the madness, flailing and thrashing about.

No, it isn’t a test, but I think it goes deeper than a simple decision in our mind. This involves prayer, meditation (just sit quietly without the TV, phone or music blaring) – after setting an intention. Understand why it is so hard and know that this too isn’t an accident. It is the eternal opportunity to, when hitting the fork in the road, that is within any situation, taking the path of love and acceptance instead of judgement and hate.

And so it is.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015 18:38

Quinton's Legacy

Kristine and I are humbled and honored to inform you that our sequel to Quinton’s Messages is available. We made Quinton’s Legacy available on June 10th, which was Quinton’s 6th angel date anniversary. And I am here to tell you that a sense of calm and peace has been with me since.

You can order both the kindle and paper back versions from Amazon by utilizing this link:

You can get the nook version from Barnes and Noble by utilizing this link:

This is a labor of love as we share more of our amazing experiences courtesy of our son Quinton; that comprises Section One of the book. In Section Two we share numerous equally amazing stories of how deceased loved ones have made contact with their loved ones. Spirit can be so powerful and sometimes so subtle. We must quiet our minds and souls, then listen. That still and quiet voice is always there. Sometimes as you will read, they are big and bold, getting through to the most skeptical.

In Section Three we share some of our struggles and philosophies of life. Kristine has a beautiful chapter where she discusses the hard work of saving a marriage; Cheyanne shares her struggles with losing her brother and I even share some of my struggles while sharing my views on life and facing adversity.

At the end of the day, this book is yet another demonstration that life is truly eternal as our deceased loved ones continue to show us. As their lives are eternal, so are ours.

Once you accept that you exist beyond the flesh, how can you not look at your time here and your experiences, differently? This understanding is Quinton’s and so many others, gift to us.

Many Blessings!

Ernie and Kristine

Sunday, 17 May 2015 18:33

Losing a Loved One

Losing a loved one is the worst. Losing a child is worse than that. When I use the word “losing”, I am talking about death and all of us part of this group understand it all too well. It is awful, but then something happens, something magical if we are fortunate enough to recognize what it is. All too often, our wonderful children make contact in some way.

Sometimes the ways they make contact are powerful and impossible to misinterpret. Other times, the signs they send are so subtle that we second guess what we are experiencing or worse, convince ourselves that they are figments of our imagination. In either case, they are there; the signs are there which means that our children are there. Suddenly, when the let the magnitude of these signs sink in, I mean sink in all the way to our souls, we understand there is no death.

This was where the rubber meets the road, but it can be unbelievably challenging to recognize and acknowledge that our child didn’t die, that he or she simply went through a doorway, though a veil and is still here. One of the biggest challenges some of us must overcome to this realization is how our beautiful child left us. Was it a result of cancer, a suicide, a drunk driver? Did we have to watch them suffer or was their transition caused by a careless or thoughtless act of another? So many of us get stuck right here, in this painful place and that is okay. It is a natural part of grieving and coming to terms with our loss, but the magic is still there! Our kids are still here, just on the other side of the veil!

When our son, Quinton made contact, my first reaction when the magnitude of what he had accomplished pieced the dark place I was in, was elation. As I explained in our first book (Quinton’s Messages), I went from imagining my son alone in a dark place to complete jubilation as I realized that he didn’t die! My next immediate thought was, “why didn’t I know”? Why didn’t I know that this was how death worked and why wasn’t I taught this and why isn’t this amazing fact discussed daily and everywhere from news broadcasts to newspapers? My son, Quinton, sent me on an amazing journey of discovery. It is my one wish that I could share this feeling of jubilation, of complete exhilaration with you.

This is our reality and it does not matter how long it takes you to come to this epiphany or what specific aha moment opens your eyes to the simple fact that, there is no death for our transitioned children. Also, it follows that there is no death for us! We will see them again! And it goes deeper than that. The simple fact that we are still here in the physical world means that there something for us to experience and learn or maybe it is to help others; but in any case I am quite certain that our purpose is not to be filled with hate or checking out in some way. That just is not what our kids want!

In our second book, Quinton’s Legacy, after spending the first three-quarters of the book lifting the reader’s energy with our amazing experiences courtesy of Quinton, and a multitude of visitations shared by others of their deceased loved ones making contact, I venture into this topic. There is no right or wrong, it is different for each of us and there certainly cannot be judgment – but there is something there for each of us whether that is some manner of knowledge, some manner of growth, or some manner of peace. In large part, this is a gift from our transitioned child!

It is up to us to experience the pain, to feel it and to purge it in order to make room for the epiphanies and euphoria! Yell, scream and cry to the point of exhaustion; give this grief a voice and outlet so over time it may dissipate. From this place, remember the good times, the fun times; remember the smiles and laughter – remember and let the signs come! Don’t second guess them. Don’t talk yourself out of the simple understanding that life still is for them and for us, and when the time is right begin to tackle the reality that you being here without your child has some purpose (probably many!), different for us all, but purpose nevertheless.

Embrace it all and begin the journey your child set you upon.

Monday, 20 April 2015 18:32

Quinton Has Been Busy!

I am stretched between two separate temporary jobs, pushing hard, but from a place most times of peace and love. I was in the office at 7:00 a.m. for one job, but had to peel off by 9:15 for a meeting relating to the other. Before leaving I received a call from someone wanting to see space and wanted to see it fast. For those of you in commercial real estate, you know showings take priority.

I arrive early for my 9:30. As this meeting begins I take a call and tell them that I have to leave. After giving them 15 minutes, I left in a hurry, pushing not to be late. I called my onsite manager to give him a heads up, then hung up. Immediately after hanging up, my phone rang. The voice on the other end was unrecognizable and I couldn’t place the name.

He started talking, telling me a friend gave him a copy of Quinton’s Messages after his infant daughter transitioned almost a year and a half ago. It came back to me. I had tried to contact him a couple of times at the bequest of our mutual friend, but we never actually spoke. He then told me that he was right behind me (In Q’s truck), saw the magnet with the book cover and my number, and dialed the number.

And what are the odds that, as the plans for my day were radically altered to put me in that exact time and exact place so that this gentleman was behind me. This is not a coincidence and not an accident. It is called synchronicity and I know Quinton was behind it all. The gentleman and I spoke for a few minutes, discussing how he has been and the visits from his daughter and recently transitioned nephew; as we finished our conversation he passed me on my left, he blessed me for helping him which raised my own spirits and vibration as I looked at my visor with a picture of Quinton with a smile and exclamation of “Thank you Q”.

Quinton was not through, not by a long shot. That night he stopped by briefly in my dreams. I had been up for a while when I finally climbed out of bed and saw it was 3:00 a.m. I had an even busier day planned and was thinking about it I am sure. I lay back down, he stopped in; we were playing basketball at the house in Conifer. He drove passed me for an easy layup. I was proud of him. He showed me some other images that spoke to me and my journey.

I was up before 5:00. Checking my e-mail I was excited to see another foreword for our new book (Quinton’s Legacy) had arrived a little after 2:00 in the morning (it is not lost on me that I was actually lying awake, in bed at this time). I opened it and read it. All I can say is “Wow”! This foreword for the new book is powerful and wonderful as it speaks not only to the new book, but our journey. This Foreword is perfect and humbling at the same time. Again, not a coincidence that the events of the prior day were followed by his visit and arrival of the last piece for the new book!

Quinton still was not done. A dear friend of ours, an angel in our lives was traveling with a friend and somehow stumbled upon Quinton’s Memorial at the accident site at Four Corners, within the very same 24 hour period all of the above took place. She was traveling pulled over to rest and enjoy the view; imagine her surprise!

How is it possible that all of this happened on this particular day? The odds are astronomical, beyond comprehension. There are no coincidences! None whatsoever. Also on this day, my gaze had turned to the Ritz Carlton as I walked to Q’s truck at the end of the day. I had been becoming concerned that I wouldn’t find the right place as I had been looking but not finding that place to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. The following day I walked in and realized it would be a perfect place for Kristine and I to spend it.

And all of this happened in one day! Quinton, my dear son, thank you! I know you are with me often, probably even more than I realize; but on this day you let it be known. And you know me – your visits, our visits lift my soul and I always want more.

Love you, son

Sunday, 15 February 2015 18:28

It is an Energy Thing

Often we hear about attitude and that ultimately, the only thing we can control is our attitude.  Attitude relates directly to how we see the world and sometimes, what we are faced with on a daily basis.  It is the proverbial question, are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person; are you an optimist or a pessimist?

This attitude we have is energy!  And this energy we carry with us and project outward directly affects the people around us, even attracting more of the same into our lives.  While this sounds like common sense, the nuances can take on surprising effects as I have noticed in my own life over the past month.

Within the past month I achieved a goal I set for myself well over a year ago.  In achieving this goal, I was mindful that I was already okay, I was already loved by God and didn’t need the achieving of the goal to feel better about myself.  In achieving this goal, I wasn’t prideful or boastful, I just was quietly feeling satisfied as I turned my attention toward new goals; still I noticed that some people that I didn’t know were smiling at me for no apparent reason.

The sequel to Quinton’s Messages is in editing; it is titled Quinton’s Legacy. In this project I had the goal of going a little bit deeper than just sharing what we experienced and sharing more of my philosophies about life.  In the last chapter I sought to deal head on the depths of adversity that human kind face while sharing my philosophy that ultimately we are better for it.  In the writing of this chapter, I and my editor noticed that in citing more examples of historical adversity, the more negative the entire chapter felt even though I built to a positive view.  Then I rewrote the chapter and changed the title. I made the same philosophical point while not dwelling on our struggles throughout history; I instead briefly touched upon a couple of examples.  The entire energy of the chapter changed, and fits better with the entire new book and the example of how we should be living our lives that Quinton provides us with.

This past week I momentarily increased my indulgence in Facebook after finding myself exposed a very dark emotion from another that I can only be described as hate.  Don’t worry friends, it was not directed to me.  As opposed to engaging it directly I chose to post a message about love, from different world faiths on three consecutive days.  An interesting thing happened.  Not only was I better for it, but I had an amazingly positive week with numerous positive leads toward achieving my next goal.

This is not coincidence.  This is directly the result of energy that is projected and energy that is chosen!



Thursday, 29 January 2015 18:26

Coming Home

 The sequel has been written, written for a couple of months and now is in the hands of those who will help me to bring it to the light of day, but the story of a lifetime continues.  I’m back home in Colorado for almost a month and will be for another three weeks, at least.  Spending time with my daughter and her young family, spending time with my grand-son and son-in-law – what time we can; spending time with Kristine during her two week stay.  This is where peace settles in my soul.  I can’t explain it or understand it, but here is where I belong and want to be, along the Front Range of Colorado.  This is where I want my final resting place of this incarnation to be, hopefully many years in the future. “Is this Heaven?”

While my stay here has yet to become officially more permanent, I am grateful for every moment of it.  And last night, in the booth at the Evergreen High School football game against Centaurus, then on the field and then speaking with some of the players, there is a deeper sense of home, of coming home.  As I look into the eyes of some of these young men, of course, Quinton is there on some level.  This is the good stuff, but still mere words don’t do justice to what I am trying to describe; it is in the eye contact, the wanting, needing, and expecting of an energy transference – the lifting of a spirit, his and mine.  I see it in some of their eyes, not all mind you given I have been gone from them for a couple of years and have just re-emerged, but some, even those who are meeting me for the first time.  And I am more than honored and pleased to share whatever it is that I have become; I happy to give it all. I can see all over why Kristine says, “Football brought my husband back to me”.

The greater gift is, it isn’t in the doing or striving for something.  The gift is, it is simply in being.  Have I actually achieved this lofty perch, a perch unattainable for so much of my life?  I think so, which is in part why I don’t post at near the frequency I was; in fact I don’t post at all hardly.  I’m simply “Livin It” and enjoying it, it being the journey, which of course is the point of it all in part anyway.  The other part is the making of progress on my own specific opportunities for improvement and I am.  They are mine, specific to me as yours are specific to you.  More on that, in the sequel (Quinton's Legacy) that should see the light of day within the next 3 or 4 months.

Next weekend, back to Phoenix to visit my Arizona family, enjoy our desert home for a moment and meet with Jan Whalen in person, who I have chosen to help finalize the book.  And this is happening too, not from a place a achieving or striving for something – it is happening from a place of inner peace which is why in large part it has taken so long.  I only found this place within the past year, in large part due to my experiences in Arizona.

Life is a journey for all of us and while we may travel together in families and friendships, at its core it is an individual journey with our wives and husbands; Moms and Dads; daughters and sons; sisters and brothers; friends and co-workers.  And as we travel together, we help one another to learn the lessons we intended to learn when came here.  Some lessons are tough involving pain and suffering while some glorious in their love/gratitude/appreciation. 

Enjoy your journey…


(Written in late October, 2014)

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