Ernie Jackson

Ernie Jackson

Saturday, 07 August 2021 12:44

Quinton's Corner

Mike Edwards, co-chair of the Helping Father’s Heal affiliate group asked me to speak at their meeting on July 21st. Naturally, in the days leading up to the talk I am thinking more and more about Quinton, what he showed me, his signs and their implications. July 21st came; dressing for work I wore a red dress shirt, one of Quinton’s favorite colors to help me keep my focus during the work day.

Arriving home about an hour before the Zoom meeting, immediately I noticed an unusual occurrence. As I looked out the kitchen window, there was a small hummingbird at the window, flitting around and seemingly looking at me. When I moved to another window, here came the hummingbird and actually peacefully perched on a planter adjacent to the window. I called to my wife, Kristine to come see too. This went on for several minutes as I was reminded of Quinton’s signs during the first several months after he transitioned, when the hummingbirds were doing things they had never done before. Ah, another sign from Quinton as I prepare to join the Zoom call. “Hi Quinton, I love you” – I say out loud.

The meeting begins and there were about fifteen or twenty gentlemen on the call. Mike has done a very nice job creating a safe space to attract more fathers to the group where we can share our pain, struggles and those wonderful signs our children send to us. Helping Parents Heal and its affiliates are about creating that safe place where we help others heal and in doing so further our own healing. I find it fascinating that it works this way; it must be some sort of spiritual constant.

Whenever I speak about our son, I lean heavily on the signs which I initially described as aha moments, all those years ago. When speaking on those spectacular epiphanies, automatically a safe space is provided for others to share the signs they have received. This is always an uplifting conversation, but usually there is a vibe of wanting more signs which is quite natural. We all want more signs as they lift our spirits and demonstrate our child still is. During our talk a gentleman indicated that he doesn’t get signs even though he asks for them. This was a great conversation as other fathers on the call provided guidance and emotional support. Doing my part I offered to meet in person to help him remember or realize the signs he actually has received. As this conversation continued he shared, “well there was this one time when I was discussing my son a shooting star flew across the sky”. We all smiled and said, sounds like a sign to us and a pretty spectacular sign as well! He agreed! Let us acknowledge the signs we are blessed to recognize and remember; only the living send us signs!

Going on I described in great detail the dream visit that occurred about 4 months after Quinton transitioned, as one of the keys to a dream visit is the detail. Dreams are typically blurry, fuzzy and quickly forgotten but dream visits are often described as seemingly real, life-like, having incredible detail, never forgotten which makes the occurrence less a dream and more of a visit. As I described Quinton’s visit with me all those years ago and about 4 months after he transitioned, I described the feeling of catching him when he jumped toward me. I remember the feeling well and described it as “the most amazing sense of peace” as I caught him and held him close. Another gentleman on the call spoke up and thanked me for providing words to describe his experience with his child’s visit. That sense of peace is what our children wish to impart to us, on us and within us.

Mike and gentlemen of Helping Father’s Heal, thank you for asking me to share. I hope and pray doing so, helped you to look at your journey from a slightly different perspective. Remember, only the living send us signs!


Saturday, 07 August 2021 12:30

No Coincidences

Late in June Mike Edwards from the Helping Parent’s Heal affiliate group, Helping Father’s Heal reached out to me on messenger, inviting me to speak with the group on July 21st. On the same day, a gentleman I met at Unity of Phoenix last year who interviewed me for his podcast, out of nowhere, sent an animation of a portion of that interview that impacted him the most. Wait…   Also, on that same day, I met with a gentleman named Tom (for those that know me / remember what they heard or read, you may remember the name – Tom). It is no coincidence that all of this happened in one day! I think of our son, Quinton often, but this day was a bit over the top; Quinton is Still Right Here, just like your children are Still Right Here. The challenge of course is to recognize those subtle or not so subtle signs.

During this week, I was taking a teammate to visit three properties we manage together, to introduce her to physical assets and visit with some of the tenants. We left the office at 7:30 and by 8:15 we were almost to the furthest properties. She is relatively new to the company and doesn’t know “us”. After introducing her to Quinton, because that is still what I do, we pulled up alongside a truck driven by an individual I have written about before. I met with this man several months prior, just a couple of days after his step-daughter transitioned. For those that remember, it was an incredibly powerful meeting. So, to meet him on the road out in the middle of nowhere mere minutes after speaking of Quinton was, shall we say, significant! I honked, lowered my window and waived to get his attention. We pulled over together and caught up; he indicated he was coming to see me later in the day, but now didn’t have to. I wrapped him in my arms just like the first time we met, letting him know “we” are always there for him and his partner. Again, not a coincidence that I speak of Quinton and like magic, suddenly my friend is there whom I had introduced to Quinton in the moment he needed an angle, nearly a year prior.

Also this week, our friend and my Brother Jason texted me one evening; Jason shared that I had at least one more challenge to face and also told me Quinton was with him. I was sitting on the couch with my lovely wife Kristine watching Loki on the tube as this text conversation was taking place. My brother went on to describe how Quinton chose to reveal his physical appearance to him. I read what he shared with Kristine and she beamed, saying “I can see him looking just like that now”, after twelve years since he transitioned (I often wonder what he would look like now). And if that isn’t enough, just last night, Quinton came to Kristine while she slept and said, “Mom”. Woke her out of a deep sleep and she responded “What”? She was grateful for his sign, given how busy she has been. We both are grateful. While I can’t tell you exactly what it means, I can say there is a lot going on in our lives currently so knowing he is with us is comforting.

I don’t mind telling you, I struggle more and more with these columns. I have been speaking and writing for twelve years; I tire of hearing my voice say the same things and to see much the same words being printed on the screen. I do neither for me, only for you. The message in the words, whether spoken or written is sacred. Through the trials and tribulations, and through our collective pain comes the epiphany I still desperately share with you. Damn it – “There is NO DEATH, only a TRANSITION” and “KNOW THERE IS MORE”. Like it or not, you and me, our path exposes us to this sacred original truth known since the beginning and forgotten by most, only to be forced upon us now. And I will leave you with this, once you, as an individual remember this sacred lesson, be prepared to share the knowledge born out of tragedy with another when called upon to do so. That sharing starts by just being present while another is in pain; be with them and listen, then share if they too need to know – There Is More.

We love you and are here for you along our shared sacred journeys of discovery.


Sunday, 04 April 2021 13:54

How is it…

After all the years that have passed, nearly forty to be exact, I open the top draw of my desk and find this poem by Ernest Dowson? Mr. Dowson lived from 1867 to 1900. The poem was paper clipped together with papers from my days in high school. There were various football plays and formations, and this poem. Why did I keep it all these years?

Vitae Summa Brevia Spem Nos

Vetat Incohare Longam

They are not long, the weeping and the laughter,

Love and desire and hate:

I think they have no portion in us after

We pass the gate

They are not long, the days of wine and roses;

Out of a misty dream

Our path emerges for a while, then closes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Within a dream.                       

The translation of the title is “The brief sum of Life denies us the hope of enduring long,” but after all these years of joy and pain, trials and epiphanies both before and after our beloved son Quinton’s transition; the title takes on a more nuanced context.

Within the first quatrain, what grabs my attention is the concept that we exist beyond the flesh, existing after crossing the threshold. Going a bit deeper still, the acknowledgement that the emotions, especially hate, are not carried forward. As you would expect, this coincides with what Quinton has shown us and continues to show us; furthermore, this coincides with what the multitudes are being shown after the transition of their loved ones.

Within the second quatrain and the title of poem for that matter, I am touched by the brevity of the individual lifetime. Our time here in the physical realm has, time and time again, been described as the blink of an eye in “Heaven” or as a non-physical being. Additionally, our time here has been described as a dream by many and here the concept is again within a poem penned in 1896 and first published in 1900.

Again, why do I still have this in my desk? This is a rhetorical question as naturally, at this point, the answer is known. This path, my journey of this lifetime, was all along meant to include these concepts and more so, delve deeper into them. Over my years I have read so much across genres from nearly everything Stephen King, dozens and dozens of book on Spirituality, the Bible and books on religion, and books about my ethnicity. I have spent years lost in reading, only to stop after seemingly read it all only to find I was wrong. I have not read it all and moreover, am still learning.

While I continue to learn, I can’t help but be weighed down on the meaninglessness of the “news” and the endless box checking exercises endured to earn income. Furthermore, some within my circle have drawn my attention back to the caste system in our own country that permeates so much. I am reminded of my Blackness (I am nearly the only one who knows other than family); books like The New Jim Crow and The Warmth of Other Suns (and two more in the queue to read) weigh heavy on my soul in the matter of fact telling of what has been and what is…. Okay, big breath: in with the good and out with the rest.

Now is the time to lean into my Spiritual lessons imparted by Quinton. We understand the school house. The passion and beauty abounds everywhere while the absurd is so absurd that its purpose is exposed. Again and again, we get to choose – high road or low road; we get to choose to be part of the solution or part of the problem. But let us not forget, of the world’s population currently 7,856,829,495 and counting, most of “us” are good even though some would have us think otherwise.

Our time here is fleeting and the hour grows late. I will endeavor the make the most of it. The absurd is so absurd, the only choice I have now is to pray and meditate. J Yup, I can be stubborn as I sit and smile; this should have been my first choice all along.

I leave you with this. Do you think Spirit has color or sex or sexuality or a political party or even a religion? The answer is No – which makes the walls we build between ourselves even more absurd.


Tuesday, 16 February 2021 04:21

Honoring our children

I come from a generation where one of the overriding hopes of our parents was that their children would have more opportunities, chances of success and simply a more enjoyable life than they had. I look at my parents and know their hopes and wishes have in large part been fulfilled. For you, my wife and I, we are faced with a different scenario. In that different scenario, it is our children who are giving us an opportunity to see the world through a different lens, a lens that offers the prospect of rapidly accelerated spiritual growth. And our child / children do so out of their love for us.

These words in all likelihood are meaningless in the throes of the initial stages of shock and grief. The processing of a world turned upside down is a process that cannot be rushed, occurring at its own timeline without judgement or haste. We purge the heavy emotions, crying and weeping as we wash them away, and then filling that space with all the fond memories. At some point when the immense waves of grief begin to lessen or change, I refer you back to the opening paragraph and embrace how much our son / daughter loves us (present tense, not past).

On this new path, we are introduced to the concept of soul contracts and soul families. I encountered this concept in Brian Weiss books (Many Lives, Many Masters and Messages from the Masters) and more directly in the Michael Newton books (Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls). If you are willing to explore this concept, its premise is we reincarnate often with the same souls who make up our soul family; In doing so we typically take on different roles as we learn and grow. Brian Weiss says it well on page 2 of Messages from the Masters, “I believe we do reincarnate until we learn our lessons and graduate. And, as I have repeatedly pointed out, there is considerable historical and clinical evidence that reincarnation is a reality.” To close the loop here, not long after Quinton transitioned and I began my pilgrimage to obtain an inkling of what was going on, I was told “Quinton and I had done this before, but I didn’t learn the lesson so the two of you decided to do it again.” That to me is the epitome of Love, Patience and Grace on Quinton’s part.

I endeavor not to tell you what to do; doing so is wrong on so many levels for I am no expert. We are all on the path, the same path leading to the same place and it is for us to find out what that means. However, what I can do is tell you what I do, which is to honor our son, Quinton with my actions, words and thoughts. Our shared journey of grief and awakening is a sacred and accelerated journey to a higher awareness – if we accept is as such. Then it is up to us an individual to decide what to do with that higher awareness. Quotes such as this are like bread crumbs leading toward a new way of thinking about our time here; “Our lives are not the result of random actions and events. Lifetimes are wisely and carefully scripted to enhance our learning and evolution.” – Messages from the Masters, pg. 11.    

In honoring our child/children across the veil, how we do that is an individual journey as well. Given each of us are individuals and along different points of the same path, there just isn’t a “one size fits all” way. We should endeavor to understand that, to avoid any judgement of others for how they are progressing and for that matter, try not to be too hard on ourselves. Not one of us is perfect, which is why we are here together now, helping one another when called upon to do so.


Monday, 18 January 2021 09:50


I remember, quite vividly in fact, being literally on fire with the truth, the divine knowledge that Quinton lives. I would approach nearly anybody, maybe everybody to share what Quinton had revealed by his visits and signs. The more I shared that white hot energy of love, knowledge, gratitude and awe, the more it was shared back with me. You see, the Universe replied, “what you experienced is quite natural and happens to most, even if some don’t recognize it”.

In this mental and spiritual landscape of being awash with a new truth, I was even more amazed to find this truth in some mainstream Hollywood movies such as What Dreams May Come, Hereafter, Charlie St. Cloud and Heaven is For Real. Additionally, and let us not forget Collateral Beauty and The Shack. These movies and others touch upon that divine truth, we exist beyond the flesh. Some movies get into this sacred truth deeply while others just touch upon it briefly, but still it is impactful as we are forced to put on those, shall we say, more spiritual shoes for the first time…out of necessity.

Now there is a new movie out called Soul. I watched it the first time and I knew it was special, but I was unprepared for all that it was touching upon, so I watched it again a week later savoring this Disney movie as it depicts the transition of souls as they go into the light while fully aware. I further savored The Great Before as new souls are born and prepare to incarnate! Yes, there is so much more to “a lifetime!” Those are just two sacred concepts deeply woven into the movie and these are important concepts for us due to our shared journey, and it is important for those not on our sacred journey to be exposed to. The funny thing is they may consider it entertainment, not fully realizing the concepts are pertinent.

Even more impactful for me, eleven and one-half years after Quinton’s transition was what I felt a core theme; our time here is a gift and therefore sacred, each breath we take. As the movie neared its climax, at first subtly and then like a sledge hammer, the message was to be present, each breath, each sunrise and sunset, each smile, breeze, falling seed pod, and a good song that touches us deep in a forgotten place. For some of you, you are already there. Even though I Know There is More, too often forget to smell roses and be present to the beauty of our time here I am ashamed to say. So, that core message was for me made even more poignant, because here I remain working on my lessons while Q is at home.

I am actually thinking I may watch it every Sunday, to center my mind – as I enter each work week.  Yes, today was a good day and I hope yours was better than it might have been expected.


Saturday, 21 November 2020 09:54

Thanksgiving 2020

What a ridiculous year!  While goings on of this year have been heavy on my spirit, I can only imagine the heaviness so many are feeling if your child or any loved one transitioned this year.  And now, Thanksgiving is here, and we are supposed to be Thankful? The holidays can be challenging enough for so many, but especially for us.  But what if, this is all part of your plan?

I know, believe me I know; for some, it is not the time for that question.   At one point it was not the time to ask me that question.  As weeks and months that slowly passed, I was exposed to information making the above question not only relevant, but on point.  Through Quinton’s visits and so many sharing with me their children / loved ones visits with them, I began to understand there is no death and that we continue in a non-physical form.  This is a nice understanding, but still begs the question, Why?  Why did this happen to begin with?

I was gifted a book by Dr. Brian Weiss within a few short weeks of Quinton’s transition, Many Lives and Many Masters. A new door was opened and I ended up reading every single one of his books.  These books exposed me to the concept of reincarnation.  Dr. Weiss was a traditional psychologist when he hypnotized a patient and asked to “take me back to when these symptoms began.”  Over the coming year his patient shared eighty-six different lifetimes.  This discovery and experience shook Dr. Weiss’s belief system to the core.  He felt he had to share, but was afraid he would be ruined and ridiculed. After four years of sitting on what he learned, he finally published his first book mentioned above which found me not long after Quinton transitioned.  The point, you may ask?  The point is, there is no death and moreover, we come back again and again.  Okay, great but why?

Next came Dr. Michael Newton’s books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.  Where Dr. Weiss writes about reincarnation, Dr. Newton took it a step further researching by hypnotizing his patients and writing about the time we spend between lives! He further introduced, to me anyway, the concept of soul planning and soul contracts.  His books and many others, share that we design our life plan and we do so to learn something individual to us.  This is the rabbit hole I refer to time and time again.  Is this a bitter pill?  About this time I was reminded that Quinton and I had “done this before, but I didn’t get it”, so we agreed to do it again.  This is a bitter pill, but herein lays the gift and what I am grateful for; now I understand, and now I know my why.  And I am Thankful.

As the giant waves of heavy grief begin to abate, leading smaller waves, I pray these thoughts and concepts open a new door for you as they did me.   The painful truth is that we only learn those deep lessons through adversity.  Okay, enough of those bitter pills; leaving them behind, here is the gift and here is the opportunity to find some thankfulness.   Isn’t it amazing to realize that our children, who love us so, agreed or even offered to leave early that we may learn or master our lessons?  And as far as lesson go, they may be becoming Peace, Forgiveness, non-judgmental, Kindness, realizing our Power and Magnificence, Caring for others, becoming Selfless, learning how to accept Help from Others, overcoming Fear and addictions of all sorts.  Maybe the lessons include learning all labels we apply to others are not remotely relevant. We all are on the path to becoming the better version of ourselves.

I hope you can join me and us in being Thankful for our journey and these crazy times.  It is here, within the pain and divisiveness where we have the greatest opportunity to choose on some level, to move toward a better version of ourselves while helping those whom our experiences may benefit.

Peace be with you and Happy Thanksgiving!       

Sunday, 08 November 2020 20:59

Just Dropping In

I don’t mind telling you, the drama and divisiveness in our country today is weighing on me. It is in times like these when it is good to remember and or be reminded that we are so much more than our bodies and dramas we live. Leave it to my sister Tina to drop in and make her presence known. Tina transitioned a couple of years ago and continues on in a non-physical form as all our transitioned loved ones do and as we will as well.

Below is my other sister, Regina’s retelling of Tina’s recent visit. To set the stage, as you know, I read a lot in the months and following years following Quinton’s transition. One of the concepts I came across was about the phenomenon known as “dropping in” and "piggy-backing." The below is an account of what dropping in may look like for some. This one involves one of Tina's cats, named Chaos:

Jacque and I have been feeling a strong energy in the house for the last few days; we’ve both noticed the shift. There seems to be a definite presence, but we haven’t been able to put our fingers on it. With that being said, I haven’t been as present as usual because I’ve been completely consumed with the election coverage, which is not like me, I usually don’t watch the news because of the negativity and biased coverage.

Karen came over for dinner yesterday, she is a great friend of ours and this was the first time we had her over to the house. Her husband was working late, so it was just us ladies. After dinner while we were just relaxing and chatting, Chaos needed to go out so I let him out. When he came back in he noticed Karen on the couch and stopped dead in his tracks and looked up at her with what appeared to be confusion and curiosity. He stared, as the seconds turned into minutes, I’ve never seen an animal react this way to anyone. (See the picture of Chaos taken by Karen, after Chaos had already been staring at her for ninety seconds!) The first thing I thought was that he thinks Karen is Tina. We were in awe, you could hear a pin drop, no one moved. Finally, Chaos approached Karen, slowly; unsure of himself, but the urge to get closer overpowered his uncertainty. He approached the couch and reached up with a paw and Karen reached out, Chaos smelled her, taking in her scent, then he jumped up next to her and took in her scent. Tina must be here, Chaos can’t get close enough to Karen, and he has to touch her, smell her and snuggle up to her. He couldn’t get enough of her. Could she be his lost mama here to check on him and love on him? Tina’s other cat can’t stay away from Karen either; she is in her lap and won’t leave. We all were in awe; there was a definite connection between Karen and my sister on this evening.

The “presence” that Jacque and I have been feeling makes sense now, Tina is letting us know she is here, the swift movement that we see out of the corner of our eyes, the feeling that someone is watching. Chaos could see what we couldn’t, maybe if we had been more present, we would have known sooner. I wish the fleeting moments will happen again so I can appreciate them more, time to be more present and not allow myself to get caught up in the daily monotonous routine, time wasting tasks that we find ourselves caught up in day in and day out. This has been the first time since Tina’s transition that we felt that she was here. She loves those cats, more than she loved herself. She often would go without necessities to ensure they would eat and have shelter. This has been a reminder to be present, be aware and to cherish the moments.

Tina transitioned in December of 2018; I wrote about Tina and her initial sign to me in a blog on January 27, 2019. Tina, thank you for dropping in, in a time when we all needed the reminder.

We love you,


P.S. – Pay attention to those instances that you find odd; listen to your first reaction, before your mind tries to explain. Once your mind gets involved, pay even closer attention if you are thinking, "that has never happened before”, or “that was strange”, etc. Trust your instincts, then recognize something wonderful has just occurred.


Monday, 17 August 2020 21:46

Divine Appointments

Our time here is a series of Divine Appointments, those significant moments that matter. A divine appointment could be when you met your partner, when you or a loved one executes a task agreed upon in a shared soul contract, or when you meet a person for the first time by the universes’ guiding. They are all a matter of Divine Appointments, but it is incredibly moving to show up at that perfect time to serve.

I had an appointment with a vender, scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on a Monday morning. He called me in the 8:00 o’clock hour, his voice heavy with emotion, informing me he had to cancel. His emotion came through loud and clear; I asked if everything was alright and it was then he shared “there was a death in the immediate family.” My heart leapt out of my body at that moment. I knew I had to stand with him. Later that day he rescheduled our appointment at the job site, for two days later at 10:00 a.m.

We showed up at the appointed time. I stepped out of my vehicle and he his. His grief, bewilderment and confusion all were visible beneath his (gotta get back to work) veneer. He was struggling to hold it together as he was trying to work without having begun to process the impossible. We had shown up for our Divine Appointment.

Starting slowly and gingerly, I introduced myself and Quinton, letting him know we are here to help and that we have experience in matters such as these. He began to shift as he realized that he and his family were not alone. I underscored that dawning realization in his demeanor by letting him know there are thousands of us, parents in a group called Helping Parent’s Heal who know the pain and know the path, and all of us stand with him.

This gentleman was all ears. He briefly explained how his step-daughter transitioned and I let him know the specifics of the transition matter not, and that she still is. During our earnest conversation I pointed out that I hadn’t used the word “dead” or “died,” but instead used the word “transitioned”. He said, “I noticed that.” I let him know, that even in the beginning stages of his and his partner’s grief journey, his step-daughter still exists and moreover, he is now part of a large family that when they are ready – we can help.

Usually, when meeting somebody so early in the journey, I simply listen while trying not to go too far down the path of “Knowing There is More”, but towards the end of our appointment, I told him that his six year old step-son may be the one to get the signs from his sister first. I told him not to be surprised and to listen and encourage him, for they too will receive those signs at some point as well. I said all of this carefully, indicating it may take time to recognize those signs and that is okay.

We had been fist bumping and bumping elbows occasionally during our conversation because of Covid, but at the end of our meeting I waived him in and wrapped him in a hug. Brother you are not alone, the words and hug from above clearly told him. As we parted ways, I looked back and noticed him sitting in the passenger seat of his vehicle, weeping; weeping tears of gratitude that such a Divine Appointment was made and kept. He told all of his family about the meeting, the conversation and the glimmer of hope they provided. He told them, “Today I met an angel”.

Well, this is not about me and I am not an angel. Not many of us are, except maybe Elizabeth Boisson, co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal. My point here is, each and every one of us, from time to time will be tapped on the shoulder with an indication, “you are up; you have a Divine Appointment. Go, stand with that person and I will provide you with the words to say, and the knowledge of how best to provide comfort and support.” The Divine works in mysterious way, allowing each of us to be an instrument of healing, while we heal.

Peace and Love

Ernie and Kristine

Quinton’s parents

Sunday, 19 July 2020 17:57

And The Band Played On

I first heard that phrase in the Temptations song, “Ball of Confusion”, released in 1970. The song is a definite period piece highlighting and listing so much that our planet struggles with ending the refrain “and the Band Played On”, but I have another take on the phrase and often using another phrase from the same song, “and oh the beat goes on”.

Right or wrong, I more often than not engage with the world through my job and now I am pleased to report, I have a new one where I hope and intend to finish my commercial real estate career. This is a job that requires more of me and requires me to engage more than I have engaged in a while; it is the perfect job and moreover, feels like a homecoming of sorts. In this state of mind I describe, my light glows a bit brighter and naturally, it is even more evident that Quinton is with me. While I write it, I walk it too. All that Quinton has shown me, all that I have written about and all that I have spoken about equates into a perspective shift that gives a slightly different view of the issues we are dealing with in our country.

As I visited with a tenant in a building I manage, we discussed the pain and despair that is Covid-19. And it is a despair that many have never known, except for those of us who know otherwise. At that moment, I introduced her to Quinton. And so it goes, I share the proverbial bombshell being Quinton transitioned from physical form at nine and one-half years old; letting that set the stage for a moment only, then sharing several ways he visited and gave us wonderful signs. (Yes, after more than eleven years, I still share – because these truths need to be shared!) If this be construed as a lesson then First, there is all manner of adversity; Second, in reality, we are not to compare because, Third nearly always there is a silver lining or a lesson to be learned from facing the adversity.

Naturally, sharing Quinton’s signs and visits set the stage for her to share that after her mother transitioned, she graced her brother with all manner of signs. She shared that on one occasion while her brother was sitting on the end of his bed, he felt their transitioned Mom sit down next to him! I have heard in person and read of just that very thing happening several times! As she shared, she pointed out that her brother was so lucky because he received so many signs, leaving her feeling a bit left out that she hadn’t. And then she immediately launched into telling me that recently she was cooking dinner, using a recipe that her Mom had passed down to her. She shared that as she cooked she saw her Mom’s hands superimposed over hers. I smiled broadly and pointed out, “Well, that is an incredible sign from your Mom!” Then she smiled with an introspective expression, and agreed.

I thank Quinton for walking with me; he is always subtly there with the gift of perspective. Yes there is pain and adversity, trials and tribulations for us all. Here is the kicker, it (our time here) isn’t necessarily supposed to be easy. It is within the struggle and pain, where the lessons we agreed to learn as part of our soul contracts, are mastered. I recently re-read for the umpteenth time a line from Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, M.D. To paraphrase and elaborate, he wrote that while learning on the other side or out of a book has value, it is coming to School House Earth to learn those lessons with all of the associated emotions (the pain, the love, the fear, the acceptance, the rage, and the grace, etc.) that creates the mastery of the lesson(s).

And the Band Plays On as we continue to grow, learn and evolve toward our higher selves. I have read time and time again from different authors, that we as spirits are lined up to incarnate here. It is here that we can experience a full spectrum of life; of joy, of love, of taste, smell sound and sight; and it is here we continue to evolve.

As odd as this seems, all is as it is supposed to be (just look at human history as we repeat it over and over). You can argue and point out the needless suffering, the divisive words and hate. Yes I say – but even in that or especially in that, we have THE opportunity to choose our path.   We can learn to Be Love and To Love; we can choose to be part of the solution or part of the problem – without judgement…

And the Beat Goes On – As the Band Plays On…

May Peace and Love envelope you on your journey of a lifetime as you face your challenges head on.


Sunday, 28 June 2020 19:34

All That We Are Not

The below is from a book written by Mark Nepo titled The Book of Awakening. Mark is a cancer survivor and has a perspective like so many of us who have been through hell only to emerge stronger and better in some way. His book has daily bits of wisdom that he lovingly shares with the reader. This entry on June 28th is so on point as each and every one of us is here to be chiseled upon as we grow and evolve. Our trials and tribulations are not random, although it may seem as such.

June 28th

All That We are Not

Discernment is a process of letting go of what we are not.

Father Thomas Keating

“I can easily over-identify with my emotions and roles, becoming what I feel: I am angry… I am divorced… I am depressed… I am nothing but my confusion and my sadness…


“No matter how we feel in any one moment, we are not just our feelings, our roles, our traumas, our prescription of values, or our obligations or ambitions. It is so easy to define ourselves or our obligations or ambitions. It is so easy to define ourselves by the moment of struggle we are wrestling with. It is a very human way, to be consumed by what moves through us.


“In contrast, I often think of how Michelangelo sculpted, how he saw the sculpture waiting, already complete, in the uncut stone. He would often say that his job was to carve away the excess freeing the thing of beauty just waiting to be released.


“It helps me to think of spiritual discernment in this way. Facing ourselves, uncovering the meaning in our hard experiences, the entire work of consciousness speaks to a process by which we sculpt away the excess, all that we are not; finding and releasing the gesture of soul that is already waiting, complete, within us. Self-actualization is the process applied to our life on Earth. The many ways we suffer, both inwardly and outwardly, are the chisels of God freeing the thing of beauty that we have carried within since birth.”

Our time here has meaning in ways we may understand and in ways that we haven’t conceived just yet. Maybe the quote from Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying shared by an acquaintance can add some perspective:

“Without any real or authentic faith in the afterlife, most people live lives deprived of any ultimate meaning.”

In imploring you as I have over the past eleven years to Know There is More, understand the More I refer to, is so much more than even I can conceive. We are certainly more that our pain and the forces that are so intent on dividing us from each other. Yet still, our pain and the turmoil in the world today do have a purpose of a sort; they provide a rocky and slippery slope for us to plant our feet, take a stand and endeavor to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Even more to point, it is in this stance, we not only find our moral strength, we further evolve toward “the thing of beauty we have carried within since birth.”

In Knowing There is More, appreciate it goes beyond understanding each of us is more similar to one another than not. Recognize that we are the same, part of a greater whole. We are all on the same path, just at different points along the path. What does this mean you may ask? For one, we are eternal; Quinton showed me this, as have all those who have shared with me their experiences of their transitioned loved ones connecting with them. This is what Sogyal Rinpoche’s quote above refers to. Second, all that we allow ourselves to be divided by (color, race, sexuality, political party, religion and the list goes on), none of it exists when we go home; none of it really matters. As we each grow and evolve, we see the truth and realize the drama of trying to make us fear one another is a lie.

Can we solve and conditions that have plagued human kind since inception? No, but we can take a stand as individuals working together to make progress toward that goal.

Peace and Love unto you,

Quinton’s Dad


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