Saturday, 20 April 2019 20:19

I Am Not Going Back

I refuse to go back, back to a belief system that does not serve me, but does serve others. I will not go back to thinking I am a second class citizen because of the color of my skin and that my birth certificate says “Negro”.  I will not go back to thinking I am less than because I don’t have expensive toys or live on the wrong side of the tracks.  I will never again think, I am less than.

We live in a time where yet again, we are encouraged to notice and point out our differences; anything from the color of our skin, our religion, sexuality or whether male or female, and we have been doing so since the beginning of time. And it continues to blow my mind.  I remember being a boy becoming acquainted with racism, but then I realized there was prejudice against people of differing religions.  It blew my mind as I marveled that folks with different religions (e.g. Catholic & Protestant and actually the list goes on) were of the same color but still found a way to differentiate between each other and dislike one another.  Still this goes on; the divisiveness in our cultural today breaks my heart, but damn it, I am not going back.

Why am I so vociferous? Well, because I experienced a paradigm shift.  Our son, Quinton Stone Jackson, transitioned and then began to visit! He visited and visits in so many different ways, from holding my hand, whispering in my ear, coming to me in the most vivid “dream” and even in other ways.  This changed me and my view of each of us, and then I began to read, in an effort to understand not only how it was even possible that Quinton visits, but why nobody taught me this previously.  I learned even more and I’m not going back.

What if everybody knew they were souls – first and bodies – second? What if they understood that as souls, there are no categories by which we could be divided?  We are not black, yellow, brown, red or white; we are not any particular sect of any religion; we are not male or female; we do not have a political party and neither are we rich or poor. What would happen if we all understood that we are all parts of a greater whole?  I have come to understand that all of this is a very distinct possibility.  Can you imagine how our society could change if all of us refused to be divided again?  I am not going back to my old way of programming, nope, not gonna do it.

What if everybody knew they are eternal and that each of our lives here has purpose? What if everyone understood that we all are on the same path, but just at different points along that path?  Can you imagine the collective paradigm shift?  As each and every one of us live our lives, we meet people just like this; folk that are above it all is some way, not bothered by any of it while sharing sound advice or a kind word without asking anything in return.  They are further down the path than we are, but we too will get there.

What if, everyone knew there truly was no death? Ha!  Can you imagine?  What if all of us knew our time here – this time – was only a blink of an eye and while here we should enjoy every moment and cherish every lesson no matter how difficult. What if all of us had a greater grasp of the concept of karma, understanding that as we have harmed and mistreated others, we too shall be harmed and mistreated even if that happens in the next lifetime, so we learn to treat everyone with love and respect while realizing our own magnificence.  What if, when a loved one transitions, we understood we haven’t lost them because they exist still, as will we?

Having read much and been exposed to a wide variety of experiences off the beaten path, I have come to believe that all it is quite true. And, damn it, I am not going back to how I thought before.


Not Going Back

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