Sometimes I wonder, how many times can I say it; how many times can I tell you this wonderful truth, a truth that for those who haven’t experience it, it doesn’t even register. This most Divine and Wonderful truth that our transitioned loved ones whisper in our ear, show us in dreams and send with the most subtle and or incredible signs.  How many times can I say it?  How many even hear?

Grief is the most awful experience. Some stay there, not being able to lift their heads up, unable to reach out for support or maybe reject the support offered – and that is okay for there is no judgement.  For others, there is support from loved ones, friends and those who have walked through the torturous path of grief emerging to put out the flames and Stand.  Here we stand, with arms open wide, sharing knowledge, comfort and an ear to listen as you unload what must be unloaded. 

I hope and I pray, once this divine knowledge pierces your consciousness that you then begin your journey. We can journey together, but it is a personal journey too.  What does this mean in your individual life; what does it mean for you that your loved one has transitioned, yet here you remain.  Remaining here is a gift, when you keep moving forward and I implore you to move forward or to be more accurate, journey down the rabbit hole of a broader view of the human experience.  This is what our transitioned children, and other loved ones from the other side, show us a glimpse of. 

What comes next isn’t merely about enduring or surviving. Whether you want to hear it or not, all of it has purpose.   Our kids show us, there is no death, period.  Our kids show us, life is eternal, period.  And to think, for many of us, we only come about this knowledge via having a loved one transition, then start sending us signs, communicating in some way and visiting us in those crystal, clear and lifelike “dreams”.  We remain here because we have more to learn, more to experience and more to share – truth.  Even if you don’t want to learn more, I implore you to take the step, because there is more beyond the grieving, the signs and the mediums.  Are you willing to travel down that path your child has set you upon?

As you travel down that path, you may learn about soul contracts and soul groups. As you travel you may hear and learn about reincarnation. You may hear and learn about young souls and old souls.  You may learn about past lives and for some, maybe even future lives.  There is purpose to our time here, even though knowing this may be so challenging initially.  For so many of us, we had a contract with our children, made before we incarnated, that they would transition early to help us to wake up in some way and make even more of our time here. 

How many think this is crazy? How many think I am a fool?  Well, I am so sorry – what I write about, after having read about all of it and experiencing some of it, is the only thing that makes sense.  I am so sorry, I can’t and I won’t go back to how I thought before.  What was important will never be as important again.  And still, I too have to choose, do I stand still or do I keep going deeper.

Initially, for many of us, they journey started with reading. For me, after Quinton began visiting, I knew that I had to attempt to find out how doing so was even possible.  I discovered, There Is No Death.  Now I say to you, dead people don’t send us signs, only the living do - period.  I started with every book by Brian Weiss, MD and every book by Michael Newton, Ph.D. and by James Van Praagh.  These fed and nourished me, and kept me on the path.  But for you, it could be Robert Schwartz, Gary Schwartz and Suzanne Giesemann; or it could be Raymond Moody, Anita Moorjani and Jonathan Ellerby; or Mark Ireland and Mark Pitstick.  Find something that speaks to you, that puts you on the path and keeps on the path your loved ones set you upon.  Believe it or not, you agreed to this crazy journey before you even came here – this time. Truth

God Bless and Namaste