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Quinton's Legacy

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Kristine and I are humbled and honored to inform you that our sequel to Quinton’s Messages is available. We made Quinton’s Legacy available on June 10th, which was Quinton’s 6th angel date anniversary. And I am here to tell you that a sense of calm and peace has been with me since.

You can order both the kindle and paper back versions from Amazon by utilizing this link:

You can get the nook version from Barnes and Noble by utilizing this link:

This is a labor of love as we share more of our amazing experiences courtesy of our son Quinton; that comprises Section One of the book. In Section Two we share numerous equally amazing stories of how deceased loved ones have made contact with their loved ones. Spirit can be so powerful and sometimes so subtle. We must quiet our minds and souls, then listen. That still and quiet voice is always there. Sometimes as you will read, they are big and bold, getting through to the most skeptical.

In Section Three we share some of our struggles and philosophies of life. Kristine has a beautiful chapter where she discusses the hard work of saving a marriage; Cheyanne shares her struggles with losing her brother and I even share some of my struggles while sharing my views on life and facing adversity.

At the end of the day, this book is yet another demonstration that life is truly eternal as our deceased loved ones continue to show us. As their lives are eternal, so are ours.

Once you accept that you exist beyond the flesh, how can you not look at your time here and your experiences, differently? This understanding is Quinton’s and so many others, gift to us.

Many Blessings!

Ernie and Kristine

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