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Quinton Has Been Busy!

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I am stretched between two separate temporary jobs, pushing hard, but from a place most times of peace and love. I was in the office at 7:00 a.m. for one job, but had to peel off by 9:15 for a meeting relating to the other. Before leaving I received a call from someone wanting to see space and wanted to see it fast. For those of you in commercial real estate, you know showings take priority.

I arrive early for my 9:30. As this meeting begins I take a call and tell them that I have to leave. After giving them 15 minutes, I left in a hurry, pushing not to be late. I called my onsite manager to give him a heads up, then hung up. Immediately after hanging up, my phone rang. The voice on the other end was unrecognizable and I couldn’t place the name.

He started talking, telling me a friend gave him a copy of Quinton’s Messages after his infant daughter transitioned almost a year and a half ago. It came back to me. I had tried to contact him a couple of times at the bequest of our mutual friend, but we never actually spoke. He then told me that he was right behind me (In Q’s truck), saw the magnet with the book cover and my number, and dialed the number.

And what are the odds that, as the plans for my day were radically altered to put me in that exact time and exact place so that this gentleman was behind me. This is not a coincidence and not an accident. It is called synchronicity and I know Quinton was behind it all. The gentleman and I spoke for a few minutes, discussing how he has been and the visits from his daughter and recently transitioned nephew; as we finished our conversation he passed me on my left, he blessed me for helping him which raised my own spirits and vibration as I looked at my visor with a picture of Quinton with a smile and exclamation of “Thank you Q”.

Quinton was not through, not by a long shot. That night he stopped by briefly in my dreams. I had been up for a while when I finally climbed out of bed and saw it was 3:00 a.m. I had an even busier day planned and was thinking about it I am sure. I lay back down, he stopped in; we were playing basketball at the house in Conifer. He drove passed me for an easy layup. I was proud of him. He showed me some other images that spoke to me and my journey.

I was up before 5:00. Checking my e-mail I was excited to see another foreword for our new book (Quinton’s Legacy) had arrived a little after 2:00 in the morning (it is not lost on me that I was actually lying awake, in bed at this time). I opened it and read it. All I can say is “Wow”! This foreword for the new book is powerful and wonderful as it speaks not only to the new book, but our journey. This Foreword is perfect and humbling at the same time. Again, not a coincidence that the events of the prior day were followed by his visit and arrival of the last piece for the new book!

Quinton still was not done. A dear friend of ours, an angel in our lives was traveling with a friend and somehow stumbled upon Quinton’s Memorial at the accident site at Four Corners, within the very same 24 hour period all of the above took place. She was traveling pulled over to rest and enjoy the view; imagine her surprise!

How is it possible that all of this happened on this particular day? The odds are astronomical, beyond comprehension. There are no coincidences! None whatsoever. Also on this day, my gaze had turned to the Ritz Carlton as I walked to Q’s truck at the end of the day. I had been becoming concerned that I wouldn’t find the right place as I had been looking but not finding that place to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. The following day I walked in and realized it would be a perfect place for Kristine and I to spend it.

And all of this happened in one day! Quinton, my dear son, thank you! I know you are with me often, probably even more than I realize; but on this day you let it be known. And you know me – your visits, our visits lift my soul and I always want more.

Love you, son

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