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Do Not Be Frightened

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Does it frighten you to know there is more?  More than this material world; more to this material world.  For so many of us, we go along with the view that this is all there is and as a result, get caught up in the drama and pursuit of material gain.  We get caught up in the competition for our own self-esteem. And we think there is nothing more.

So many are there within this view of reality, but for some of us, we get knocked upside the head and heart with a crowbar called death.  We lose a loved one, no matter how, who or when – we lose a loved one and our view of reality is shaken.  And even worse, some of us lose a child and our view of reality is all but destroyed, at the very least momentarily or worse - seemingly forever.

For those of us who have had a child die (transition), as we did – this was a crossroads.  And it is astounding how many of us are in this group.  And if you are not in this group, it is very difficult, if not impossible to understand us and our grief.  Some go away, thinking death might be contagious; some journey with us while others wonder when we will get back to “normal”.  There is no “getting back to normal”, for us it is a new normal.

But there is a flip side to this Divine and Awful Dichotomy, which is a gift of sorts.  The gift is Knowing There is More.   For so very many of us, we get signs from our deceased (transitioned) loved ones.  These signs are numerous and so direct and intense, that we who have experienced them KNOW our transitioned loved one made contact.  Some of us see and or hear our children, for some the visit is in crystal clear visions, some manipulate electricity and the list goes on and on!  It follows, if they made contact, they must still be alive. 

There are numerous books on this subject written by M.D.’s, Ph.D.’s, some who have used scientific methods to confirm and document.  These studies continue and are breaking amazing ground to make contact with our deceased loved ones more substantive, but that isn’t the point of this column.

Our son died and immediately provided us with signs.  We are not alone.  In our circles this is more the norm than exception.  The point here is this knowledge should be common across humanity!  The fact that we exist beyond the flesh is verifiable and undeniable, and has been spoken of for thousands of years.  So instead of being all caught up on the drama shoved down our throats via social media and programming, let’s begin to broaden our perspective.

Understand that because our transitioned loved ones are eternal, so are we!  Meditate on the fact that you are an eternal being – and then begin to look at your life differently.  Begin to consider your struggles, and how they may be making you stronger in some way and or teaching you something about yourself.  The lessons are numerous, lessons such as courage, love, faith, discovering our own strength – and this list goes on too.

We know that life is tough and seems to be getting tougher for so many, not only in for those of us in the United States, but all over the world.  When you are able to see beyond the material world and drama of the conflicts while embracing that all of us in this school house called Earth are eternal beings – then we begin to look at each other differently, maybe even think differently about one another. 

We invite you to read books that illustrate and explain the signs from spirit (they are numerous – including our own Quinton’s Messages and Quinton’s Legacy).  We also invite you to read Many Lives and Many Masters, Messages from the Masters by Brian Weiss, and Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton.  Reading these books will help you begin to see a larger picture of our time here, when you are ready to believe.

Many Blessings,

Ernie and Kristine Jackson

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