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Christmas with Quinton

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I love being the first one up in the morning.  The peace and tranquility of it, and invariably this is when I hear the whispers of spirit.  This morning, December 14th I arose, poured my coffee and sat on the couch in the loft watching the weather channel, and then switched channels to find out who won the NBA games last night and then back to the weather channel.  Suddenly I found myself thinking of Quinton and Christmas.

There was one Christmas, one of the last Christmas’s with us in the physical realm that the Q and I surprised Kristine by putting up the tree together while she was out shopping.  There was something very special, calming, cool and peaceful about doing that with him – together.  This was very special to me and in hindsight – a gift to me.  Usually Kristine and I did the tree, so imagine her surprise and appreciation to come home and find the tree up and decorated already.

And then it all came crashing down, for you and I.  Suddenly our child transitioned, now on the other side of the veil, and us, we are left here in the material world.  And we grieved and struggled.  While we shared the gifts and blessings of knowing There is More as Quinton showed us, we didn’t put a tree or any Christmas decorations for at least three years, maybe more.  This tradition that Kristine and I usually did together, was no more.

We no longer felt like celebrating Christmas.  No decorations and no tree. While perfectly understandable, but at some point even that didn’t feel right.  One December in Arizona, I went to the local store, bought an artificial Christmas tree with the lights already installed and decorations.  Not long afterward I put the tree together, adding garland, additional lights and a star.  I am sure Quinton was with me.  Afterward I put lights on the house too.

No, it doesn’t feel the same, but it does feel better than no tree or decorations at all.  We put our presents under the tree and in the evenings we would sit nearby, watching the lights blink – and remember.  Not the same, but in progress. 

And now, there is new life.  Our grandsons are here and they are too young to really even get excited about Christmas, but the tree is up. Grandpa put it up one afternoon while they napped, and put up the exterior lights.  “Pretty” the oldest exclaims!  Wait until they meet Santa and then wake up to presents under the tree.

Quinton will undoubtedly be there too!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ernie and Kristine

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